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Tax planning, or tax consulting, is essential for earners in all tax brackets.  Too often filers think they only need to plan for taxes when their income is over some gross amount.  In reality, even a low-income earner needs to plan for taxes, because at all levels of income there are steps that can be taken to take advantage of multiple tax savings.  And the first step is a good conversation with a qualified tax advisor.  From there our tax planners can teach you how to not pay taxes.

Tax Consultants


Proper tax advising pays for itself in how much it saves you.  Whether you are an individual or a business, a low-income earner or a 1%'er, tax planning is important.  Our experts are masters of taking advantage of every piece of the tax code to ensure you pay the lowest taxes possible and maximize every credit and deduction available.

We don't just find a few loopholes.  Our firm will take the time to strategize with you focused on your personal or business financial goals, using tax savings as leverage to meet them.

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There is no license for being a tax advisor, and the basic PTIN that preparers hold certifies them only to prepare your personal tax return.  But the CPA license and EA license denote extensive tax understanding, both of which are licenses we hold, and our extensive résumés shows how qualified we are to help with your tax planning.

Our tax advisors aren't dime-a-dozen guys or gals holding basic licenses, and we don't take lightly offering to help you plan for critical financial goals.  Take a moment to learn more about us to see who we are and how we are truly qualified to help you.

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What can you really do with tax planning?

You can...

  • Move income into lower tax brackets by splitting income among family members or legal entities
  • Increase tax deductions by acquiring things you want or need
  • Avoid or defer tax liability through investments
  • Shift income and/or expenses to different years in order to best take advantage of lower tax rates
  • And so much more!

The goal is to pay less and keep more of your own money.  This doesn't happen with a single easy move; it requires carefully planning and weighing your options to find the one that is right for you.  But that's what we do.  We evaluate your financial and tax needs and help develop a short-term and long-term plan that makes sense for you.  It isn't a one size fits all scenario.  It's a unique tax situation you're living that we want to help improve.

As our client, you can benefit from tax planning that pays for itself through savings.  That's our goal: to make ourselves worth every penny and more.

Next Steps...

Like what you're reading so far?  Learn more about us to see if we might be a good fit to help you or your business or Contact Us Today!  Our Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents are available today!

We're here to keep the IRS from taking more than the minimum, if you'll let us.

More Than Just Tax Planning

Our firm specializes individual tax prep, small business tax prep, tax consulting, IRS problem solving, bookkeeping, payroll, and general accounting.  We are a full-service accounting firm for all your tax and accounting needs.

With affordable pricing, we don't cater to the wealthy.  Our goal is to help income tax filers of all income ranges maximize their tax savings with easy-to-understand methods that keep you IRS compliant.

Our tax consultants are licensed enrolled agents and certified public accountants.  With the ability to prepare any tax return or financial statement, as well as represent you before the IRS, we've got you covered.

Certified Public Accountants

Our Tax Consultants

We aren't afraid to say it: we're the best around.  With free consultations and a record to prove it, our experts are your best choice to save countless thousands in taxes.

But don't just take our word for it.  Take a minute to read more about us and why we're the last time you'll need to switch accountants.

When you're ready, Ken (left) and Christopher (right) are here for you.

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Available In-person or Remotely

Our office is conveniently located in West Mobile where we can receive clients in-person.  We're also available, though, through remote meetings by Zoom, e-mail, or telephone.  Many of our services—especially tax prep and bookkeeping—are easy to provide remotely.

Our goal is convenience for you, so just let us know what works best!  We just want to help you save money with quality tax planning!

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'But I don't make enough for tax planning'

We hear this a lot, and it's an unfortunate sentiment.  While it is true that the more you make the more options you have to mitigate tax liability, lower-income earners need to plan just as much, if not more.  Saving $1,000 when you're wealthy isn't very impressive.  Saving $1,000 when you earn below the poverty line is substantial.

Whatever your income level, our tax consultants are here to help.  Whether it is just a simple conversation at the time of your tax return, or a detailed engagement, we make sure our services are affordable and beneficial to our clients.

Ready to get started?

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