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IRS problem solving can range from audit representation to dealing with if you owe back taxes.  Whatever the issue, though, we are your local experts in IRS problem solving.  With years of experience, our IRS problem solvers are fully licensed and proficient in solving your IRS problems fast!

Size Doesn't Matter

The IRS may be big, but that doesn't make them better.  In fact, the IRS being so big often leaves them disorganized and clueless about even their own rules and procedures.  They'll ignore your responses, advise you incorrectly, and place their interests above yours.  Their agents are quick to tell you how best to resolve things, but not part of their job description includes helping you, they only look to help themselves.  This is why you need an experienced IRS problem solver to be your defense against the IRS.  We keep them honest and following their own policies, and make sure your case is handled fairly and according to the law.

IRS Problem Solvers
Audit Representation

Licensed To Represent

By default, a tax preparer cannot represent you in an audit and handle your IRS problem solving.  Representation requires a professional license, either as an Enrolled Agent, Certified Public Accountant, or an Attorney.  Our firm is properly licensed with EA's and CPA's fielding years of experience and multiple wins against the IRS.  The best our IRS problem solvers have done yet?  We wiped $3.6 million in back taxes out for one client.

What do you need us to do for you?

Owe Back Taxes?

IRS problem solving isn't always about dealing with audit representation, and if you owe back taxes that doesn't always mean you need to pay them.  There are a number of relief programs and other options to explore to try and reduce the amount you owe.  This doesn't mean there is always a way out of paying, sometimes you definitely do owe, but, even then, there can be penalty forgiveness and securing the best payment plan you can: there is always some way to make it better.

owe back taxes

Year-round IRS Problem Solving

During or outside of tax season, we are always there to help you fight the IRS.  The IRS or Alabama Department of Revenue don't rest, so neither do we.  Just reach out to schedule an appointment and one of our experts will get you started with a free consultation.

Don't just take our word for it: read more about us and see if you agree we are your best choice for audit representation, back taxes, or any IRS problem solving you might need.

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