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Sharing an area with large businesses like Costco and best Buy as well as one of our largest high schools, Murphy High School, the 36606 area of Mobile is rich in business and residential.  Fortunately, our firm is suited for both and offers tax services in 36606.

Whether an individual trying to maximize their refund or a business looking for accounting and tax prep services, we are your #1 trusted solution for both in Mobile, AL.  Our tax service has experts with decades of experience and all the proper licensing to ensure the best service and results possible.

Tax Service Pros

Our firm specializes in premium tax planning at affordable prices.  This means we don't just prepare your taxes, we advise about your taxes.  We are experienced in keeping our clients' tax rates as low as possible by taking our time to discuss and examine your tax situation.

Using every tax trick and loophole available, we take the time to examine and discuss your situation to minimize your tax liability and maximize your refund.

Located at 1010 Schillinger Rd S, Ste B, Mobile, AL 36695, our firm is conveniently located to serve all of Mobile County.

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Open Yearound

Open year-round, we won't abandon you after tax season.  Even when everything is prepared correctly, IRS letters can be inevitable.  Whether it is a simple identity verification or a more serious inquiry, our tax service is properly licensed and experienced to handle any issues you may have with the IRS or state revenue office.

For businesses, we offer year-round bookkeeping, payroll, and tax and business consulting services.  Our tax service is a full-service tax, accounting, and consulting firm for your every need.

Fully licensed and insured with decades of experience, Azalea City Tax & Accounting can help with everything from simple tax prep to inventory management, development of administrative procedures, tax mitigation strategies, and more!

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All Tax Services Are Not the Same

Tax prep isn't always the same.  A basic preparer holds what is called a PTIN, a Preparer's Tax Identification Number, which requires no testing or continuing education.  Now, the IRS does perform background checks before issuing a PTIN, but there is no check for competency.

Our local tax service holds PTINs, but also additional professional licensing that does require testing to acquire and continuing education to keep.  More so, our local tax professionals field years of experience preparing corporate and individual taxes, making them your premium choice for tax prep be it simple or complicated.

Ultimately, though, you want someone who is more than just a data entry clerk.  The ability of a tax service to put your numbers in the right places does not justify paying a professional to prepare your taxes.  That's why as professional tax preparers we provide our greatest value in our ability to help evaluate.  Our tax service pros assess your overall tax situation and make recommendations and, when needed, offer tax planning services.

Too often individuals think tax planning is only for the extremely wealthy, when in reality anyone who files taxes should be working closely with a qualified professional to mitigate their taxes.  Azalea City's partners Ken and Christopher are those experts and are ready to help you keep your tax bill to a bare minimum.

Professional.  Affordable.  Your #1 trusted local tax service in Mobile, AL 36606.

Tax Service in Mobile, AL 36606

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