CPA Mobile AL: How to Pick the Right One for You

CPA Mobile AL

When it comes to selecting a CPA in Mobile AL, there are a number of factors to consider.  While finding a licensed enrolled agent or certified public accountant is definitely the first step in choosing a tax preparer or accountant, not everyone holding a license has the same experience and expertise.

Are All CPAs Tax Preparers?

The first thing to ask when shopping for a CPA in Mobile AL is whether they specialize in tax preparation.  Most accountants, as it happens, do not offer tax preparation as a service.  Many specialize in preparing financial statements, auditing, or other accounting services completely unrelated to tax prep.

The CPA license actually has no continuing education requirements based around taxation.  This means that for a CPA to be an expert in tax preparation they will have studied it and stayed current on it outside of the requirements of their licensing.

Are All CPAs Bookkeepers?

Bookkeeping is a service many certified public accountants provide.  When trying to find a good CPA in Mobile AL for providing bookkeeping services,  Not all bookkeepers are CPAs, however, and the license is not required for providing these services.

Bookkeepers are simply individuals experienced in recording your business' financial transactions.  A full-charge bookkeeper is someone considered to be highly experienced and capable in providing these services.  But none of these are regulated services requiring a professional license.  There are certifications, like with QuickBooks, that can indicate proficiency, but ultimately it is a question of someone's experience and reputation as to whether they are a qualified bookkeeper.

What's the Experience of the CPAs at Azalea City Tax?

With our firm, our enrolled agent Christopher and CPA Ken are both experienced in taxation and bookkeeping.  Additionally, Christopher specializing in tax planning and business consulting and Ken specializes in auditing and financial statements.  Together, we offer a well-rounded list of services to our clients at affordable prices.

Want to Take Advantage of a Free Consultation?

Whatever service you believe you need from a CPA in Mobile AL, we're here to meet with you for free and see if we're a good fit.  We'd love to take the time to help assess your tax or accounting needs and provide solutions either through our firm or recommendations of where your needs might can be better met.