Real Estate Brokerage Accountants

Real estate brokerages are the center of life for the entire real estate industry.  Whether you ultimately provide just rental management, or have an office of realtors providing residential or commercial sales, it is all done through a brokerage.  These epicenters of real estate activity are not easily managed.  They are subject to a number of industry-specific laws surrounding earnest money, rental deposits, record retention, and more that can be called into question by the state board at any time.  The average accountant is not well-suited to help with the bookkeeping or taxes of a real estate brokerage unless they have specifically trained or worked within the industry.

Our experts not only have a number of brokerages as clients, but partner Christpher Olson, EA is a part-owner of Southern Bay Realty.  Having passed audits under Southern Bay Realty, and having helped many client brokerages do the same, Christopher stands as a highly coveted accountant to local real estate brokerages.

real estate brokerage accountants

Experts in Real Estate

Real estate brokerage accountants and consultants are not easy to find.  Most brokerages handle their bookkeeping in-house and simply outsource their taxes, so finding a licensed accountant with substantial hands-on experience in this industry is difficult to do.

With Azalea City Tax & Accounting, Ken and Christopher offer their extensive knowledge of every tax mitigation strategy and accounting scenario imaginable specifically relevant to real estate brokerages.

real estate brokerage accountants

Agents Too

Realtors are 99% of the time considered self-employed and, from a tax standpoint, just as in need of an accountant experienced in real estate as the brokerage itself.  Realtors pay high self-employment taxes, have at least one vehicle as a large fixed asset, and as self-employed individuals are subject to a number of rules and regulations from the IRS to stay compliant, such as the requirement to keep proper books.

Our experts are intimately familiar with both the best ways to keep your tax bill low and how to keep you IRS compliant.

real estate brokerage accountants

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