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Online boutiques are spared many of the problems their storefront competitors face.  The overhead is less fixed, their clientele can isn't restricted geographically, and inventory often isn't required as they can order from their suppliers to ship directly to their customers.  Yet, the space requires premium marketing strategies which can get expensive.  Customer acquisition cost can eliminate any profit potential, and what was intended to be a profitable business can quickly become on paper not more than a hobby.

An experienced retail accountant can help.  Our experts are intimately familiar with your industry and struggles and would love to help you understand and solve your problems.  Everything from reducing tax liability to understanding how to calculate specific and blended acquisition costs, our pros are ready to assist.

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Retail Savvy

Understanding the competitiveness of your industry is only the start.  Having worked with several retailers, large and small, we understand the best approaches and tax strategies to keep your dollars your dollars.

With Azalea City Tax & Accounting, Ken and Christopher offer their extensive knowledge of every tax mitigation strategy and accounting scenario imaginable specifically relevant to your retail business.

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Inventory & More

Beyond tax savings, retailers often need help with inventory.  A poorly maintained inventory system can lead to excessive management time or spoilage that can cost you thousands.  Our experts know the best ways to keep both time and waste down, and would love to help maximize your efficiency with your inventory and other related systems.

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