Mortgage Broker Accountants & Business Consultants

Mortgage brokers are small businesses.  Whether you are a one-man show or a large operation, your brokerage faces the same tax and accounting difficulties as any other local small business.

And as a small business, we understand small businesses.  Every dollar is vitally important.  Every decision can be 'make-or-break'.  And it isn't just your livelihood, it's the livelihood of every family member who supported you financially or emotionally, every employee or subcontractor who depends on their paycheck, and even the vendors you buy from who need your continued business.  As a small business you are a critical element of our community, and your survival is important to a great many people.

As small business owners and accountants whose almost entire client list is comprised of small businesses, we understand your struggles and needs.  You need to keep your tax bill low and to do that you need solid advice from people who haven't just read about it but have used it themselves.

Our experts go above and beyond just small business tax prep and small business bookkeeping.  We share our wealth of experience garnered from both our personal business activities and those we've observed from clients to help you make the right decisions for your business.  Small business budgeting and tax planning are just a few of the many areas we can help with

To really understand the value of our experts, read about us.  We aren't just mortgage broker accountants: we are successful business and real estate investors who started with Azalea City Tax & Accounting and grew a network of businesses from there.

We have the success stories of helping clients with substantial incomes reduce their tax bill to zero.  We have the success stories of helping clients get out of as much as $3.6 million in tax debt.  And because we have a passion for small businesses, we have kept our rates affordable, and the initial consultation is always free.

mortgage broker accountants

We Understand Because We Do It

As small business owners, we understand your struggle.  As small business accountants who have worked with countless small businesses, including several mortgage brokerages, we understand and are highly experienced to help.

Our small business accountants are masters of tax strategy with any LLC, s-corp, or c-corp, but especially within the industry types listed here.

mortgage broker accountants

We Are Your Key To Tax Success

Whether it is in tax planning, bookkeeping, or businesses management consulting, our small business tax accountants always manage to pay for themselves.  Whatever our fee is, we will save you more in taxes and time guaranteed.

Our local accountants understand your business' needs and will make recommendations that fit your goals and help keep your taxes to a minimum.

That's the trick, right?  To pay as little in taxes as possible?  Well that's what our experts provide: small business tax plans to keep your taxes to a minimum.

mortgage broker accountants

Next Steps...

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