General Contractor's Accountants & Business Consultants

General contractors vary greatly from qualifying as a Home Service to qualifying as a Construction Service.  Some GC's perform home remodels while others provide forestry services or residential or commercial construction.  Our local accountants familiar with the wide range of your industry are what you need: they are general contractor's accountants, they are your expert.

general contractor accountant

Experts in General Contracting

Our accountants have worked with multiple general contractors of several types, including a few as large as fifty million dollars plus.  Partner Ken Germany, CPA is your #1 trusted general contractor's accountant.  Ken has extensive experience and knowledge of this industry having worked with GC's closely for decades.  Whether you are struggling with cashflow, internal procedures, or just want to know the best tax mitigation strategies, our experts are intimately familiar with your industry and able to help.

general contractors accountant

Employees Too

Beyond the needs of the company, general contractors' employees and subs often have unique tax needs and need an accountant familiar with their industry.  Whether paid by W2 or 1099, we understand the need to explore every possible tax deduction.  And like with any physical labor position, workers have a life expectancy: your knees and other parts of your body will eventually give out.  When that happens, you need to have planned for retirement as best as possible.  Working with both a skilled accountant and consultant in keeping your taxes low and dollars invested wisely is a great place to start.

general contractors accountant

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