Fencing Accountants

Fencing often stands alone or alongside lawn care and landscaping, but definitely has its own unique challenges.  Fencers deal with billing carrying expenses often throughout long jobs, sometimes even on net 90 when working for builders.  With large upfront material purchases, trucks, and trailers, fencing companies need to understand the best ways to deduct their fixed assets and manage their large purchases and differentiate themselves from every old 'Chuck in a truck'.  Our local accountants familiar with your industry are what you need: they are fencing accountants, they are your expert.

fencing accountants

Experts in Fencing

Our consultants have worked with multiple fencing companies, mostly smaller, locally owned or individuals.  It is with these local, smaller fencing companies we see the greatest need for an experienced accountant where they lack the support of a corporate office.  Whether you are struggling with cashflow, inflated customer acquisition cost, or just want to know the best tax mitigation strategies, our experts are intimately familiar with your industry and able to help.

fencing accountants

Employees Too

Beyond the needs of the company, fencing employees often have unique tax needs and need a fencing accountant.  Often paid by 1099, we understand that fence builders need to explore every possible tax deduction.  And while the fencing industry is steadier than other home services, professional fence builders like any service worker have a life expectancy: your knees and other parts of your body will eventually give out.  When that happens, you need to have planned for retirement as best as possible.  Working with both a skilled accountant and consultant in keeping your taxes low and dollars invested wisely is a great place to start.

fencing accountants

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