Missionary Accountants

Non-profits face unique struggles compared to their for-profit counterparts.  Non-profits, churches especially, have extensive requirements for IRS compliance and financial reporting needs to its members, as well as the need to prevent and monitor for fraud.  Missionaries, however, are not always non-profits.  Sometimes they receive 1099's and face the same struggles as self-employed individuals and need a qualified small business accountant.

Our accounting experts work with a number of local churches and missionaries, making us uniquely qualified to help you figure out the best options to minimize taxes and stay IRS compliant.

missionary accountant

Taxes & Accounting, As Well As Consulting

Missionaries may or may not be like any other small business.  As a non-profit, you are special: IRS compliance is key.  As a small business, you face the regular struggles: how do we lower your taxes?  Our experts are masters of both.

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If A Non-Profit, IRS Compliance Matters

IRS compliance is critical for the success of a non-profit.  Failure to remain compliant can result in a loss of non-profit status, which means someone has to pay taxes on what was supposed to be deductible donations.  Our experts are intimately familiar with the requirements to stay compliant and can help you ensure you never lose your coveted non-profit status.

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